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Image of Chakra Wax Melts

Chakra Wax Melts


A set of 7 wax melts representing each of the chakras. Used for meditation or cleansing space.

Crown Chakra - purple - Spiritual Connection - scented in Lavender

Third Eye Chakra - indigo - Intuition and Insight - scented in Sandalwood

Throat Chakra - light blue - Creativity and Communication - scented in Lavender Chamomile

Heart Chakra - green - Love, Faith and Healing - scented in Rose Gold

Solar Plexus Chakra - yellow - Will of Power and Freedom - scented in Patchouli

Sacral Chakra- orange - Passion and Intensity - scented in Lemongrass Green Tea

Root Chakra - red - Grounding and Stability - scented in Ginger Lemongrass

Image of Chakra Meditation Candles Image of Chakra Meditation Candles
Chakra Meditation Candles
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