Image of Botanical Crystal Candles

Botanical Crystal Candles

$15.00 - $30.00

Beautifully created blessed crystals set with magickal intention and blended with botanicals.

Each scent is specifically chosen for the crystals and botanicals within and the intention set.

Crystals can possibly melt in extreme heat. Safely remove crystals when near flame. Botanicals can ignite. Make sure the botanicals are coated in wax or safely remove before burning.

Do not burn any candle unattended. If the candle is having issues lighting, it can be the botanicals "clogging" the wick. Move botanicals in wax away from the wick and keep wick trimmed.

Positive Energy - Scented in Sea Salt Blossom with the following crystals: tiger's eye, fluorite, amethyst, obsidian and amber and the following botanicals: orange peel, hibiscus flower, chamomile flowers, lavender and lemongrass

Protection - Scented in Mahogany Teakwood with the following crystals: tiger's eye, moonstone, obsidian and quartz and the following botanicals: cinnamon, calendula, bay leaf and star anise

Healing - Scented in Lemongrass Green Tea with the following crystals: Moonstone, fluorite and quartz and the following botanicals: lavender, orange peel, lemongrass and cornflower

Abundance - Scented in Rose Quartz with the following crystals: amethyst, fluorite, rose quartz and tiger's eye and the following botanicals: chamomile flowers, orange peel, rose and jasmine flowers

Set your intention in your mind and heart, believe in your intention. Use the scent of the candle and the magick of the blessing, crystals and botanicals to enhance your intention.

Each candle is 14 oz