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Goddess Mists


Our handcrafted specially blended Goddess Mists are for use in spellwork and for everyday use to clear the air. Can be used in rituals, energy work, healing sessions, meditative sessions.

Give a shake and set your intentions. Spray in the air or on wrists.

Mist for Love, Inner Beauty & Pleasure
Invoke the Greek Goddess Aphrodite when mind is relaxed (bath works best) for love, & the beauty within

Greek Goddess of the Hunt, Moon, Wilderness & Chastity
Wields Power over Natural World
Call upon Artemis in your spellwork when you need to focus on a single objective. She can help your accuracy & stamina - physical, mental & magickal

Invoke the energies of wisdom and protection with the help of our Athena Goddess Mist
Athena, born full grown from Zeus' head, dressed and ready for battle, quickly became known as a protector, adviser and strategist. Her ability to make rational and fair decisions that were well thought out helped her become the Goddess of Wisdom

Awaken your inner flame with the help of our Brigid Goddess Mist.
Brigid is the Celtic Goddess of Fire and Inspiration. She is associated with the Fire of Life, Healing, Vitality, Creativity, Motivation and more!

Calm Me Down!
Mist for Surviving Mercury Retrograde or any stressful situation
Use to help balance yourself during Mercury Retrograde, at work, during family interactions, when you have your period...any stressful situation

Cleansing Mist
Clear negative energy anywhere. Includes sage leaves for extra protection.
You can't always light sage to clear away negative energy, so here is the next best thing. Spray the Cleansing Sage mist in any space where the feeling of negativity or darkness or anger are prevalent.

Empower your inner strength and self-esteem with the help of our Freya Goddess Mist.
Freya, Norse Goddess of Love, is much more than just a beautiful goddess who won the hearts of many. She is the symbol of ultimate female strength and power, as she had the right to claim half the souls of the bravest warriors who died in battle. She is linked to magick and divination through the Norse Runes, and can help in matters of love, self esteem, divination and fertility.

Invoke the powers of magick and prophecy with the help of our Hecate Goddess Mist.
Hecate is the Greek Goddess of Witchcraft and Magick and my personal inspiration. She is associated with the energies of protection, prophecy, magick and new beginnings.

Embrace the strength and confidence that comes from the Eqyptian Queen, with our Isis Goddess Mist.
Isis, the Egyptian Queen of All Gods, is the Goddess of Rebirth, Fertility, Magick, and Healing. Her energies also include confidence, maternal love, and feminine strength.

Increase the feminine power in your life with the help of the Lilith Goddess Mist.
Lilith, the Dark Goddess of Sexuality and Feminine Power, is one of the ultimate symbols of female independence, free-thinking and sexuality. She embraces her inner demons and brings them to light- a light filled with feminine strength, walking to the beat of her own drum, and pure sexual energy. She loves and honors herself above all, and teaches us to do the same.

Mist for Regaining Enchantment
Luna is the Roman personification of the Full Moon
Embodiment of the Night, Full of Mystery & Awe
Invoke the Roman Goddess Luna when you need to re-awaken your understanding of the secrets of the cosmos & your own inner goddess

Mist for Cleverness or Redirection
Invoke the Norse God Loki for binding or liberation. But tread carefully, what you ask for is not always what you get with a trickster like Loki.

Medb (Maeve)
Mist for Help During Life Transitions
Invoke the Irish Mythological Warrior Queen when it comes to harnessing your feminine power or assisting in your quest to accomplish a tak or attain recognition

The Morrigan Goddess Mist is a dark and powerful blend, fit for a queen of the night.
Morrigan is the shape-shifting Celtic Goddess of War, Fate, and Death. She also presides over rivers, lakes, and freshwater, in addition to being the patroness of night, magick, prophecy, and witches. She helps empower women to stand up for themselves, especially when faced with struggle or opposition. Call upon Morrigan when you need some inner strength and a warrior-like attitude

Mist for Love or Insecurity
Invoke the Hindu Mother Goddess to help ease insecurities, inspire hope, repair marital issues or find true love

Mist for Help During Life Transitions
Invoke the Greek Goddess Persephone for cycles of rebirth and renewal, accepting new realities especially when not expected

Rhiannon is the Welsh Goddess of fertility, seduction, Death and Otherworld goddesses. She is connected to the moon and dreams and a powerful symbol of transition between realms. Her colors are white and silver and often depicted as a beautiful woman riding a pure white horse. The Rhiannon Goddess Mist is specially blended to invoke calmness, comfort and strength

Witch's Shield Cleansing & Protection Mist
Blanket yourself in a veil of cleansing protection with the Witch's Shield Goddess Mist with Pink Himalayan Sea Salt in a convenient mist. Neutralize negative energy and add a strong aura of protection with the power of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. Create an invisible shield of protection around yourself.