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Inspired by Disney & Harry Potter Candles


Soy wax wooden-wick candles Inspired by DisneyWorld & Harry Potter / Universal Studios.
We are not affiliated in any way with Disney, DisneyWorld, Universal Studios, Harry Potter, Pokemon nor any company/franchise

A new take on our Bring the Magic Home candles inspired by scents by the Houses of Hogwarts. Each House is based on the elements and that is where we took the scents from.

House of Gryffindor - Romantic & Ethereal. Deep vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid, ebony scents

House of Slytherin - Fresh mountain springs, hemlock, honeysuckle, magnolia

House of Ravenclaw - Zesty lemongrass with a kick. Fresh citrus and lemongrass with a pine undertone

House of Hufflepuff - Eucalyptus, cypress, tonka bean

Butterbeer - sweet, rich and creamy just like the drink

50th Anniversary - the incredible scent of standing in front of Cinderella's Castle on a bright sunny Florida day! It is scented with Ocean Waves and has a very clean scent.

Arendelle is scented in an icy, relaxing, magical bouquet. Lavender, bergamot, star anise, jasmine, violet, ylang ylang, heliotrope, sandalwood, oakmoss, musk, amber, and vanilla.

Bakery - the incredibly delicious scent of fresh warm cinnamon buns dripping with sweet creamy icing.

Beaches & Cream - The delicious sweet scent at Beaches & Cream. It is a sweet creamy scent with a hint of black cardamom.

Bruno - the mysterious, magical Bruno. The scent is not the stinky Bruno but the Bruno cherished by his family. A spicy blend of clove leaf and peppercorn blended with warm bourbon.

Cali Soarin brings back the memories of your ride over California and the fragrant orange groves.

Caramel Apple - Sticky sweet and crispy fresh apples on a stick dipped in gooey heavenly caramel

Coco (dia de Muertos) - Coco is scented with our favorite treat in Mexico in Epcot...CHURROS! Soft dough rolled in cinnamon. Oh I can taste it now!

Confectionery - That sweet scent when you walk into the Main Street Confectionery is what we have bottled. It is sweet, creamy, fresh and absolutely magical!

Cotton Candy - The sweet Mickey cotton candy on Main Street. Nowadays, you don't get it in the shape of Mickey but it is still sweet and delicious.

Cozy Flame - A beautiful unscented candle when you want the flame but not the scent.

Drax - Inspired by the Guardians of the Galaxy ride. Drax wants cake! He is hungry. You said there would be cake.

Encanto. The scent is Sea Salt Blossoms reminiscent in the movie of the village that it built with its' lush greens, running water and beautiful magical flowers.

Grand Flo - the exquisite Victorian charm of the lobby of the Grand Floridian in DisneyWorld. Clean, crisp scent.

The Grinch. Scent is a custom blend of Crackling Firewood and Gingerbread or Butter Cookies.

Grogu - The a sweet scent of the sweets that Grogu likes to munch on. This scent was a re-do. Make sure to smell the candle iteself to make sure you get the sweet scent or the swampy scent of Grogu's planet.

Groot - The sweet scent of the woods and berries. This scent was a re-do. Make sure to smell the candle iteself to make sure you get the fresh grass or the woods and berries

Grumpy - the charm of Grumpy from Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. it is an earthy scent combining sandalwood and vanilla.

Guests Be Ours is the beautiful blend of Rose Quartz and Champagne which brings me back to Be Our Guest. It reminds me of Belle and Beast dancing in the ballroom. It is just the right balance of beautiful.

Haunted is that scent when you get inside the Haunted Mansion and going to the stretching room. It is an exotic mysterious haunted scent.

Maleficent is scented in a mysterious, earthy scent. A deep, rich blend of Italian bergamot, applewood, tonka bean, patchouli, cedarwood, oakmoss, cardamom, vanilla bourbon, and allspice.

Moana is scented in an explosion of coconut and island paradise goodness. A true, realistic coconut fragrance with hints of warm vanilla.

Orleans - Port Orleans' beignets are deep fried puffs of deliciousness. With the sweet powdered sugar, this scent brings back all the good scents of N'awlins and the fun of the resorts.

Pirates Ablaze - the end of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The scent of the burning town reminiscent of a campfire.

Pirate Water - the distinctive scent of the water of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The soury bromine scent.

Poisoned Apples - the incredible scent of the apples from Snow White (without the poison!) Crisp clean apple scent.

Poly - the Polynesian Resort. Beautiful island scent with a gorgeous hibiscus. This one was created with a stronger scent than the original.

Pop Lobby - the incredible scent of the lobby of the Pop Century! resort. It is scented in Lemongrass Green Tea and is so refreshing and clean

Pretzels on Main Street - The delicious buttery salty Mickey pretzels!

Pumpkin King! A sweet cinnamon pumpkin that Jack would absolutely love.

Remy in the Ratitoullie movie, this candle is scented in Fresh Baked Bread.

Sally - The scent of what we think Sally would use if she wasn't dead. A blend of cashmere and cedarwood.

Sivako is the Rite of Passage celebrated on the Pandora Avatar ride in DisneyWorld. The scents during the ride are blossoms and the salty water from the sea. This scent celebrates both and is not overly floral but a harmonious balance

Slash Mountain - the scent of the inside and water of Splash Mountain. Fresh and clean.

Tangled - the scent of the Tangled courtyard. A fresh clean scent.

Terror Tower _ When you walk into the ride, this is the scent of the lobby. It is mysterious, spicy and woodsy.

Under the Sea is scented in a magical ocean scent with beautiful mermaid flowers. Aquatic florals and sea moss mix with dewy green notes on a base of wood and musk to create a luxury ocean fragrance.

Waffle Ears - the mix of Mickey waffles with ooey gooey maple syrup mixed with a bit of creamy butter. We make this fragrance blend ourselves and it is a huge hit.

Whipped Pineapple Swirl - is a blend of juicy fresh crisp pineapple and sweet and creamy vanilla, just like the delicious Dole Whip treat we all love.

Wilderness Lodge - brings back the scent from the lobby of the Lodge! Trees and the outdoors scent of the Northwest.

Ye Old Christmas Shoppe - the incredible scent of the Christmas Shoppe in Magic Kingdom and the one in Disney Springs too! The beautiful warm cozy scent of Christmas

Squirtle - Inspired by Pokemon and the water based scent of Squirtle.