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Limited Swiftmas Edition Box


An Amazing Limited Edition Merry Swiftmas Candle Box!

This collection was created by a Swiftie for fellow Swifties. I had so much fun creating this incredible box of especially curated candles with a focus on each of Taylor's albums highlighted in The Eras Tour.

The candle jars are all able to be reused. Just clean it out with warm water and dish detergent when the candle is done. Peel off the labels before washing. These are adorable little jars for anything from hair clips to using with a tealight. The tops are bamboo.

There are only 10 of these boxes. The next ones will be made with different jars. This is a special limited edition box.

Great to share with friends.

Each box contains a friendship bracelet as well!

There are 11 candles - 1 for each of Taylor's albums and a bonus Travis candle!!!!

We are not affiliated with Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce nor the Kansas City Chiefs. This is for fun for those who love Taylor.

Any boxes shipped will have each candle individually wrapped inside the box to protect them.

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